Creating an Alliance and Bringing Back Hope to our Community!

Domestic violence and sexual assault are two issues that happen frequently but are not often talked about. According to the 2018 Washington State Health Assessment, domestic violence is “any type of physical, sexual or psychological harm done by a current or former partner” and according to Women’s Health, sexual assault is “any type of sexual activity or contact that you do not consent to.” In Washington alone, 1 in 8 adults report having been injured by a partner, and more than 1 in 6 Washington 10th graders have reported being made to engage in unwanted sexual activity. Cases like these happen more often than we know and there must be something done about it.

Hope Alliance aims to do just that by focusing on working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by advocating, empowering, and providing them with resources so that they may heal and lead full lives. Their vision is to inspire “life without violence” for everyone and effect social change by partnering with the community. Survivors like this can often feel ashamed, afraid, and alone after their experiences – it is Hope Alliance’s mission to show these survivors that what happened to them is not their fault and they are NOT alone.

We here at Philbrook Insurance are joining Hope Alliance in this mission so that we can unite our community and help our survivors obtain the resources they need. To do that, we are pledging to donate $10 on your behalf for every person you recommend to our agency for a no-obligation quote. With your help, we can bring back HOPE to our community!

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