Where there is Healing, there is Hope!

Domestic Violence is a growing issue in today’s world. In Washington, one out of every eight adults is a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. As upsetting as it may sound, the issue seems persistent, yet there are very less discussions held around it. Cases of domestic violence and sexual assault occur more frequently than we realize, and something must be done to address them.

In our community, Hope Alliance intends to rise to this call by focusing on advocating for, empowering, and offering services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault so that they can heal and live complete lives. Hope’s mission is to inspire everyone to live a “life without violence” and to effect social change by collaborating with the community. After such experiences, survivors may feel ashamed, terrified, and alone; it is Hope Alliance’s aim to teach these survivors that what occurred to them was not their fault and that they are not alone.

Philbrook Insurance is supporting Hope Alliance in an effort to continue our very own mission of bringing our community together and assisting our survivors in obtaining the resources they require. To do so, we’ve agreed to donate $10 on your behalf to Hope Alliance for each person you refer to our agency that receives a no-obligation quote! Together, we can restore HOPE to our community!

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