Community Cause


Where there is Healing, there is Hope!

Restoring HOPE in our Community!

The Pursuit of Higher Education

A Helping Hand for our Furry Friends!

History has shown us a long-standing debate between cat-people and dog-people; which is better?! Maybe you’re actually a fish-person or a bird-person instead! Whichever pet you lean more heavily towards, I think we can all agree on one thing: all animals deserve our unconditional love and support.

The Toledo Kids Are Our Future!

There is likely nothing worse than a child with their entire future ahead of them being unable to afford or obtain the necessary resources to succeed in life. When children are at an economic disadvantage, they are often left struggling to find security and consistency in the items they need for everyday life, such as food or school supplies!

Creating an Alliance and Bringing Back Hope to our Community!

Domestic violence and sexual assault are two issues that happen frequently but are not often talked about. According to the 2018 Washington State Health Assessment, domestic violence is “any type of physical, sexual or psychological harm done by a current or former partner” and according to Women’s Health, sexual assault is “any type of sexual activity or contact that you do not consent to.”

Philbrook Insurance Agency Joins the Agents Of Change Movement