Boat Insurance

What is Boat Insurance?

Insuring a boat is unique. Although parts of it follow auto coverage, it’s an entirely different animal given the environment that boats are operated in. Boat insurance has two basic types of coverage. There’s physical damage, and then there’s liability.

Physical Damage Coverage

This coverage insures the boat for accidental damage to the watercraft, its machinery, and the propulsion system. Not only does it cover the hull, but it also insures engines, sails, and anything on the boat that’s needed to operate it.

Liability Coverage

Your liability coverage insures you for property damage or personal injury that you caused to third parties that results from the operation of your boat.

Uninsured Boater Coverage

Uninsured boater coverage insures you for injuries sustained by you or others on your boat that are caused by an uninsured boat. Most uninsured boater coverage even covers injuries sustained from a hit-and-run boater.

Additional Types of Coverage

We cover personal watercraft, yachts, fishing boats, sailboats, and more. We also offer diminishing deductibles and we have a great towing package. In the case of a storm or hurricane, we have coverages as well such as haul outs.