Manufactured Home Insurance

What Is It?

This type of insurance policy can protect against losses due to fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects (such as trees), glass breakage from windstorms or hail storms, water damage from burst pipes, and in the case of damage or loss from natural disasters.

Mobile home insurance is designed for residents and owners of mobile homes. Mobile homes are defined as a structure designed to be mounted on a foundation. Instead of being built on it, it rests there temporarily. Mobile homes can be used as vacation homes or seasonal residences in warmer climates, and they do not need the permanent heating and cooling systems that more traditional dwellings require.

Types of Coverages

Mobile home insurance covers the dwelling itself; its contents; liability for claims made by others (such as injury) who may have been visiting at the time of an incident such as fire/windstorm damage or theft; plus coverage for land improvements like landscaping, septic system failure clean-up costs from external sewer backups caused by trees falling into sewer line connections.

Coverage can work to protect the contents of your mobile home, as well as liability for injuries that may occur on it. It is often less expensive than traditional homeowners insurance because the coverage limits are typically lower, and there is usually no requirement to carry both dwelling and personal property protection.

Mobile insurance policies typically cover all risks for an agreed sum in one package. So, you can get some basic coverage at very competitive rates if you were to opt-out of other types of insurance. Suppose you want a more complex policy with higher limits for larger sums insured, such as special conditions required by lenders before they will finance the purchase of new manufactured homes from builders.

Major Benefits

Some of the main benefits of mobile insurance include lower premiums than homeowners insurance. There are fewer maximum coverage limits when compared with traditional homeowner’s policies, and there is no need for dwelling and personal property coverage, especially if the home has been vacant or unoccupied during the insured period.

If you own a mobile home, it’s a good idea to protect your home with coverage from manufactured home insurance.